How Do I Become a Wedding Photographer

In these tough economic times you may start to think about new sources of income. What better way to turn your hobby into a new money spinner. I mean you already have the interest, the skill set and some of the equipment. This means your initial outlay should be small – perfect for a fledgling business.

One way to earn money from photography is to shoot weddings. You can earn $1000 from one shoot. This will increase with experience.

So your asking yourself – “How Do I Become a Wedding Photographer?”

I will not lie to, competition is fierce. Many other people have had the same idea as you. However do not let this put you off – You too can be sucessful. The way you do this is to get known for a quality, professional job. The key to doing well in this arena is word of mouth. Think about it – you photograph a wedding and all those guests see your pictures. Who are these people going to think about when they are on the look out for a wedding photographer? Who are they going to recommend to their friends? That’s right – YOU!

So how do you get started? Well, have a think – are any of your friends or relatives getting married? Any of your work colleagues? Offer to shoot the first wedding for free. FREE! you ask in disbelief – I thought we were talking about making money?. Well we are, by shooting your first wedding for free you will not only gain confidence, you will gain a set of photographs to show to potential paying clients. They will be able to see evidence of your work.

To the couple whose wedding you shoot for free, explain it is your first wedding and mistakes may be made. Show them pictures of other work you have done, so you can prove you are not a complete incompetent, but do know your way around a camera.

If you do not know anyone getting married the other way is to become a wedding photographer’s assistant. Often they will find it useful to have someone there to shoot candids of the guests, grab those pictures they would otherwise miss. You could also offer to help in the post-processing. This is a good way to learn without the pressure and outlay.

If not then try advertising in the local paper, at the local church or town hall, local pub, newsagent. Anywhere that will allow you to advertise for a minimal fee. Just get your name out there and you will get the call.

As you can see – although not easy to get started, remember people will always get married. When they do they will want a memory for the occasion. For that the photograph is still king and that requires a photographer. I hope this answers your question – “How do I become a Wedding Photographer?”